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D. A. Featherling

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When Dan Wagner gives up his Senate seat to become a temporary Federal agent, the stage is set for his covert attempt to bring down the bad guys once and for all.

Terrorist Wen Kai still owns a virus capable of producing a pandemic worse than Covid-19. The virus's creator, microbiologist Che'ng Liu, is on the run. He's cheated Wen, broken their agreement, and is now determined to sell an antidote for the virus to the highest bidder.

Scientist Michael Borden is rushing to replicate Liu's virus and then the antidote before Wen Kai can release death and destruction upon the world. Ed Jennings, Michael's business partner, is convinced there's more going on in his little Arizona town than meets the eye and is willing to jump in and help.

Add one quirky Interpol agent to the mix and the chase is on. Follow the adventure to its exciting conclusion in this tension-filled sequel to Covid-20.

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