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D.A. talks about her books and what fans can expect from “Fiction a la Carte.”

Picture from Book Signing—Who Killed Ben Miller & Death of a Juror

Williamson Museum, Georgetown, Texas

Feature Article about D.A. Featherling and Who Killed Ben Miller & Death of a Juror, Wednesday edition of The Williamson County Sun.

D. A. writes in multiple genres—romantic comedies, futuristic suspense, romances, and a true crime non-fiction.

Her administrative years in corporations, state agencies, and a university physics research center, and as owner of her own home staging business, make her an ideal candidate to write about the lives and loves of a variety of people and professions.

You Tube Video — How Does She Do That?

Listen to the D.A.’s interview with Hurdie Burk

about her fiction and non-fiction books.

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When twins Marcus and Samantha Willoughby discover a dusty old game in an attic, life will never be the same. While handling the playing board they are swept into the past and find themselves in the middle of more excitement than they ever dreamed. They must survive a dangerous storm, an unusual kidnapper, and the possibility of shipwreck - and at the same time figure out how to traverse time and space and return home.

Listen to D.A. talk about her books — It Adds Up to Murder and Sauce for the Goose.

Also Now Available

Abigail Newhouse hopes her life remains peaceful now that she's managing a local antique mall. When a murder occurs, her detecting gene kicks in, and she again wants to help solve the case.

Homicide Lieutenant Nick Vaughn isn't happy about Abby being involved in the crime. Will her pursuit of the truth sidetrack their relationship? And can anyone save her when her life hangs in the balance as she faces the killer in a deadly showdown?

~~ A Lighter Look ~~

~ Blame Sherlock

~ To My Credit




The Willoughby twins are swept into the year 2048 as the Time Game places them aboard a spaceship on its way to the Red Planet – Mars. At first, it only appears there’s an interesting visit ahead, but they soon discover there are bad guys even in the future. Marcus and Samantha are determined to solve the reason for a mysterious attack and theft, and see justice done for the spaceship’s pilot. But will they be able to outwit the criminals before returning to their own time? Or will they have to consider their mission to Mars a failure?