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For date availability, please contact her by phone 512-663-1407 or by email What are your needs? D. A. can tailor her presentations for your group’s particular needs and interests.

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Picture from Book Signing—Who Killed Ben Miller & Death of a Juror

Williamson Museum, Georgetown, Texas

Interview — Listen to the D.A.’s interview with Hurdie Burk.

YouTube Video — How Does She Do That?

Listen to D.A. talk about her books — It Adds Up to Murder and Sauce for the Goose.

Book Signings & Talks

All venues are open to the public unless otherwise noted

D.A. Featherling and Sidney W. Frost Book Signings

Saturday, 12/17/16, Gus’s Drugs, University Avenue,  Georgetown, TX


Authors Back Row: Beth R. Flanigan and Leslie Peterson

Authors Front Row: Elaine Norman and D.A. Featherling