About D. A.

D. A. Featherling writes in multiple genres. She has penned thirteen mysteries, romantic comedies, young adult adventure, futuristic suspense, and romances and a true crime non-fiction. Her administrative years in corporations, state agencies, and a university physics research center, and as owner of her own home staging business, make her an ideal candidate to write about the lives and loves of a variety of people and professions.

She has also written numerous non-fiction and technical pieces and has won awards for journalism, fiction, and public speaking.

D. A. co-founded the CenTex Chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and has served as President and Vice-President. She also coordinated the groups’ first national ACFW Conference in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001.

She lives in Georgetown, Texas and appears and/or speaks at events for civic groups, clubs, churches, and schools throughout Central Texas.

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Contact D.A. Featherling at dafeatherling@gmail.com

or call 512-663-1407

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